Cognizant that our clients have expertise and involvement in fields other than investment and finance, we endeavor to provide experience that affords our clients peace of mind. Our experience allows clients to focus on what they do best while we address their wealth management plan designed to achieve their investment goals.

We structure customized investment portfolios by selecting an appropriate mix of exchange traded, index or mutual funds, equity and fixed income instruments. These portfolios, as appropriate, pursue investment return through both domestic and global markets. Investments can be both passive or active depending on the interest of our clients.

Seslia works consistent within the terms of an Investment Advisory Agreement each client executes and a client profile each client provides.

We assist our clients in opening brokerage or custodial accounts and moving assets. Prior to initiating any work on behalf of our clients we discuss investment objectives, preferences, and risk profile to ensure our decision making and/or advice conforms with the client’s interest.

We exercise discretion when executing buy and sell decisions and monitor the performance of investment decisions. Changes are made as required to help ensure each portfolio and the investments therein align with our clients’ mandate as communicated to us, and as we understand that mandate.

On a combined basis the professional experience of our team approximates some 100 years of financial market and financial services experience. Our Investment Advisors are appropriately licensed and over the years have held multiple securities licensures involving equities and fixed income products, municipal securities, securities trading and investment advisory.

We are regulated by the Office of Banking and Insurance of the Government of the US Virgin Islands. We are also registered with the State of Maryland, Office of the Attorney General, Securities Division.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission requires an annual submission, which specifies the investment style, assets under management, fees and other pertinent information concerning our advisory firm. You may find that filing and its accompanying brochure for the year completed at the following web site under the name Seslia Virgin Islands Securities,